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On Tales you’re reading original stories from acclaimed interactive storytellers. We don’t force writers to create dress-up games masquerading as narratives. Our formats are focused on text with imagery as a complement, not the other way around. Traditional prose, voyeuristic text chats, and our unique graphic novel format; we’ve got a format for you!

Tales has multiple formats: prose, graphic novel, and messaging
Tales gameplay: Enemy suddenly appears where the player has to think quickly.



At Tales, we don’t pay lip service to branching narratives. Your choices have a real impact on how the story unfolds. Each series has a variety of endings and multiple paths to get there. Be the hero or the villain, the decision is yours.

Tales allows players to affect relationships with friends, factions, and lovers.



Pick your alliances, factions, and friends wisely. The right ones open up possibilities and allow you to fulfill your destiny but the wrong ones might leave a knife in your back.

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Unlike other interactive storytelling apps, our stories have actual branching paths and you’ll be able to compare your choices with the community. Learn about your style of play: are you direct, strategic, or do you avoid conflict at all costs?

A Tale For


We believe there’s a great interactive story for everyone, you’ll find something up your alley on Tales. Each story is written by a different author, which means you’re getting something truly unique and not dreamed up by some marketing department.

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Best of All

Tales is Free

New stories published each week from your favorite authors. You’ll be able to play through each series without paying a dime. If you do choose to pay for optional content, you’ll do so knowing your money is going straight into the pockets of individual writers and artists around the world. Let us know if you’re interested in publishing your own interactive story!

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