Digital Illustrator

Location: Anywhere (freelance)

We’re building a platform for interactive storytelling. It’s time we changed the way stories are created and published. We think individual creators should be able to pilot ideas, iterate off feedback/metrics, control how they monetize, and add visuals/interactivity to bring stories to life on mobile devices.

We’re looking for great digital artists to bring these interactive stories to life. You’ll be working with writers from around the world on the type of stories you get excited about (seriously does the world need another first person shooter??). Do it from pajamas for all we care. We just need a quick survey from you (below) so we can pair your talents with the appropriate writers.

  • Must be proficient in Photoshop.
  • Strong sketching and painting skills.
  • Must be able to take a painting to a well polished finished state.
  • Strong sense of color and dramatic lighting.
  • Must have a strong sense of volume and 3 dimensional space.
  • Must be proficient in English.
  • Experience working professionally with a game or entertainment studio.
  • Our best work is done through collaboration with art directors. Must be capable of taking feedback and revisiting ideas with a fresh eye.