Associate Producer

Location: Remote, Preference for West Coast (Contract to Hire)
Compensation: Entry-level

We’re building a platform for interactive storytelling. It’s time we changed the way stories are created and published. We think individual creators should be able to pilot ideas, iterate off feedback/metrics, control how they monetize, and add visuals/interactivity to bring stories to life on mobile devices.

While most studios are working on a couple games, we’re producing over 75 with an internal team of 5. We’re literally bursting with work and need help! We can’t promise it’s always going to be creatively challenging work (in fact some of it is entry-level, mundane stuff that we have not automated just yet). But if you blow us away, we can consider you for an in-house position.

On a day to day basis you’ll be supporting engineering, art production, the narrative department, and the CEO with a variety of tasks that may include:

  • Production/QA: Logging issues experienced by both players and writers on our platform. Filing effective tickets that accurately replicate problems so our developers can solve problems efficiently. Updating our dashboards with the latest progress on each project.
  • Research: Doing deep dives into media companies, competitor products, writer hangouts, etc to surface useful information to the rest of the team.
  • Scripting: Solving technical scripting issues in our stories that the machines haven’t figured out how to catch yet.
  • Marketing: Creating assets that we’ll use to post on social media, our website, or emails.

Signs you might be the one:

  • You have flawless, native English ability. Are you that annoying person who corrects their friends when they use literally or ironically the wrong way?
  • You have the ability to just figure things out even if it’s not in your wheelhouse. There is no obstacle, just learning opportunities.
  • You enjoy putting your friends to shame by finding answers to their questions on Google. Seriously though, you’re creepily good at Google.
  • You understand simple logical equations and even a few spreadsheet shortcuts.
If that’s you, fill out a quick survey below! If you’re reading this on another website, please go here:
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