Full Stack Developer

Location: Remote, West Coast Preferred
Tech Stack:
ReactJS, Python, AWS, Unity (C#)

About Us

We all know the stereotype of the creative writer. Barista / Uber driver by day but working on scripts by night. Working for years in isolation with no feedback, networking to find agents/influencers, and praying that a publisher will find an audience.

Tales ( is a platform that allows writers (TellTale, BioWare, Ubisoft, EA, Blizzard, PocketGems, Nexon, Choice of Games, Episode, etc) to rapidly pilot episodic stories and iterate off feedback/metrics to improve performance. They can easily add visuals, choices, and persistence. Couple all this with freemium monetization and we’ve got stories that can be produced for less than the cost of an eBook but with the distribution potential of free-to-play mobile games.

Success shouldn’t be dictated by who you know: good stories should rise to the top through talented storytellers… coupled with user data, iteration, modern formats, and effective monetization. Join us and together we’ll build the platform for episodic and interactive fiction!

About You

Specialization is for insects, developers at Tales will do a little bit of everything. We expect you to have shipped mobile apps and touched a large variety of systems. We’re not looking for someone to mentor; we’re looking for leaders who can clear the way for their colleagues. Handled server-side scaling challenges? Check. Responsive web clients? Piece of cake. Tools that empower the team? You’ve lost track of how many things you’ve built to help others or yourself save time.

Your Responsibilities

  • Publishing: Develop systems to allow writers to publish, collect insights, improve monetization, and reduce friction for organic distribution.
  • Content Authoring Tools: Tools to add visuals, interactivity, and persistence to stories for professional writers.
  • Game Client: Improvements to make the consumer experience more delightful.

Your Skills

  • 3+ years software development experience with at least 1 working with Unity3D
  • Experience shipping or iterating on live web/mobile apps
  • Proficiency with Javascript, C#/.NET, and Python
  • Experience with Git, Amazon AWS, and WordPress
  • B.S. in Computer Science, or equivalent experience

Application Details

  • Send your Linkedin and/or resume to:
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