Full-Stack Developer

Location: Remote, West Coast Preferred, authorized to work in the US.

About Us

Tales ( enables writers to add visuals, audio, choices, analytics, and monetization to any story. Our modern reading format generates 5x higher economics than traditional books and we have over 15,000 professional screenwriters, novelists, and game writers on our waitlist.

Success shouldn’t be dictated by who you know: good stories should rise to the top through talented storytellers… coupled with user data, iteration, modern formats, and effective monetization. Join us and together we’ll connect creators with consumers and rebuild the media landscape.

About You

Specialization is for insects, developers at Tales will do a little bit of everything. We expect you to have shipped web/mobile apps and touched a large variety of systems. We’re not looking for someone to mentor; we’re looking for leaders who can clear the way for their colleagues. Handled server-side scaling challenges? Check. Responsive web clients? Piece of cake. Tools that empower the team? You’ve lost track of how many things you’ve built to help others or yourself save time.

Your Responsibilities

  • Content Authoring Tools: Pioneer tools that allow writers to add visuals, audio, interactivity, and monetization to stories. 
  • Publishing: Develop systems that allow writers to publish content, collect insights, and improve monetization. You’ll be giving writers perspectives they’ve never had before.
  • Asset Library: We have the largest asset library in fiction today and your job is to expand it further and improve the fidelity at the same time.

Your Skills

  • Language: Fluency with ES6 and Python.
  • Intuition: Understanding of when to hack-n-ship vs. when to build robust systems.
  • Experience: Must have shipped live web/mobile apps and worked with cloud services like AWS.
  • Bonus: Experience with UI/UX and empathy for creators.

Application Details

  • Tell us about a project you made and include your Linkedin to:
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