UI Game Developer


UI Game Developer

Full-Time, Anywhere, Remote

Imagine a world where you only have ONE shot to find product/market fit. That’s the world that storytellers live in. Tales (http://www.taleswriter.com) provides creators the data to find traction and the economics to scale ideas into massive franchises.

Tales is making the modern book. Our platform enables writers to add visuals, audio, choices, analytics, and monetization to any story. Creators are making everything from visual novels to RPGs on our platform. Imagine Roblox but for fiction writers.

Join us and together we’ll connect storytellers with consumers, cut out the gatekeepers, and build the next Netflix powered by creators in the process.

About You

Specialization is for insects, developers at Tales will do a little bit of everything. We expect you to have shipped mobile apps and touched a large variety of systems. We’re not looking for someone to mentor; we’re looking for leaders who can clear the way for their colleagues. You love building delightful interfaces that are both accessible to new users and have power under the hood for power users.

Your Responsibilities

  • Reading: We’re reinventing the reading process for a mobile-native world. You’ll be working on innovative ways to delivering fiction-based storytelling.
  • Recommendations: Similar to Netflix, our job is to get the perfect story to the right consumer. You’ll be working on systems that will surface great content in delightful ways.
  • Gameplay: The core gameplay on Tales is simple today but you’ll have the opportunity to add deeper mechanics, with an eye on accessibility for both players and writers.

Your Skills

  • Language: Fluency with Unity and C#. Comfortable debugging/profiling to improve performance.
  • Product Intuition: You should have an eye for UI/UX; comfortable operating off wireframes.
  • Experience: Must have completed a game-jam game or worked on a team that shipped a game.
  • Bonus: Knowledge of DevOps (e.g. build automation) and cloud-based SDK integration.

Top Five Reasons You Should Join Tales

  • Mission. Only 5% of published fiction is from POC. We’re building the platform that changes the voices and stories that are heard and amplified. Diversity isn’t an afterthought, it’s core to our business.
  • Innovative. You’ll be building mixed media and interactive content creation tools creatives have never seen. This is why veteran interactive writers around the world (TellTale, BioWare, Ubisoft, EA, Blizzard, PocketGems, etc) have already started creating original franchises on our platform.
  • Impact. You’ll be the hero of creators who will be able to make a sustainable living by reaching their fans directly on our platform. When they succeed in creating household names, you’ll know you had an integral part in bringing that to life.
  • Upside. What’s the value of building a more profitable, engaging version of Kindle or Netflix?
  • Fun. The journey may be long but you’re working in the intersection of media and technology. This isn’t a payment processor (nothing wrong with that if that’s your cup of tea).

Important Details

  • ‍Location: Remote, North American time zones preferred. Authorized to work in the US.
  • Application: Tell us about a game you made and include your Linkedin to: jobs@taleswriter.com
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