Tales Formats

Visual, Audible, & Interactive Storytelling

Books Prose

Unleash the power of your novel like never before with breathtaking visuals and a beguiling soundtrack.

  • Got a novel finished already? Conversion has never been easier! Plug & play!
  • Offer premium content like deleted scenes to engage your audience in a new way
  • Add in branching storylines and choices – or deliver a linear experience unlike any other

Plain Text Book

Book Format. Traditional books use plain text prose.

Screenplays Dialogue

Why wait to see your creation the way you’ve always dreamed? Build an audience and bring your screenplay to Tales and watch it unfold before your eyes – just how you’ve imagined.

  • Choose from our library of thousands of sets and characters to bring your vision to life.
  • Add in music scores, stingers, and sound effects just like you’d get on the big screen.
  • Stand out from the crowd with a screenplay pitch that’s already jumping off the page and ready to be adapted into the next big hit

Plain Text Screenplay

Screenplay format. Traditional screenplays use plain text dialogue.

Digital Comics Illustrated

Like a comic book – but animated and without the need to illustrate every frame! Whether you’re a graphic artist or someone who just loves games, bring your narrative to life with our asset library or your own custom art assets.

  • Add stunning FX to create a completely immersive experience.
  • Insert illustrated images into the story at any point you’d like.
  • Give readers the power to shape the story with choices at every turn.
  • Craft exciting mini-games for readers to conquer – or struggle with.

Traditional Comic

Comic format. Traditional comics use illustrated images.


Upgrade Your Storytelling Format

  • Real-world and fantasy backgrounds
  • Thousands of sound and visual effects
  • Photoshop quality avatar creator
  • Style your text with fonts and animations
  • Integrate your own illustrations
  • Request custom assets

Regardless of your primary format, Tales adds more engagement and monetization, which ultimately means MORE fans for YOU.

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