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Only published books sell over a million copies. The odds are even worse for self-publishing.

Pick Your Text Format



This is the most similar to a traditional book. You'll be able to emphasize words, embed images, and add other visual flourishes.


Dialogue With Portraits

This template is a balance between dialogue and the narrator. It includes the ability to show detailed visuals of locations along with character expressions

Transport The Reader

Pair your words with fiction’s largest asset library. Backgrounds, characters, visual effects, sounds, and icons are easy to add to your story. You know how important your cover image is to book sales. Why stop there?

Emphasize Your Words

We re-imagined a book as if it was invented today, rather than simply ported from 15th Century technology. No longer are you limited to bold and italic. Easily break up walls of text with different fonts and animations.

Monetize Like a Boss

Make money for each episode players read AND any special content they unlock within each episode.

Reading Each Episode

Unlocking Side Content

Turn Readers Into Players

We support both linear and branching storytelling. Tales is the location for all great fiction so create in the style that’s comfortable for you. All of your fiction can live in one app.

See it in Action

Reimagine your story from the viewpoint of other characters or turn it into a complex game. The choice is up to you!

What Are Other Writers Saying?

You Deserve a Modern Digital Publisher

When you put your content on Tales, you’re able to tap into a new revenue stream but maintain rights to your IP. You’ll receive 35% revenue share from Tales, which is close to 80% of profits given we invest 50% of revenue back into acquiring users for your franchise.

Tech companies have built enormously successful businesses through their use of data. Shouldn’t you have the same advantages?

In traditional book publishing, by the time you get data, it’s too late to do anything about it. At Tales, the average writer improves their episode 1 conversion rate by 2x after 3 iterations. The better your conversion rates, the more readers finish your stories.

By using microtransactions and visuals we increase monetization per user (chart below) by over 3x for linear fiction and 8x for interactive fiction. Our monetization allows us to acquire users for your franchise rather than relying on word of mouth.

Bring Your Book To Life

Join 15,000 other professional writers and start converting your existing stories in as little as 20 minutes.

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