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Only 1 out of 25,000 published books sell over a million copies. It's time to change the game.

Create Your Immersive Story

Convert your plain text novel or screenplay to a visual, audible, interactive story. Increase engagement by 50% and monetization by 3x through our immersive storytelling format.

Upgrade Your Storytelling Format

Publish using Tales visual novel format: Prose with backgrounds and sound fx to set the mood. On a mobile phone.



Books are better with backgrounds, sound effects, and monetization. You'll be able to emphasize words, embed images, and add other visual flourishes.
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Publish using Tales screenplay format: Character portraits delivering dialogue lines on rich backgrounds. On a mobile phone.



Who wants to read a stack of plain text screenplays? Make your screenplay stand out with character portraits, backgrounds, and visual effects.
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Publish using Tales comic book format: Illustrations mixed with visual and sound fx. On a mobile phone.



Create your own comic book without having to illustrate every frame. Leverage our asset library to bring your comics to life. Add in as many or as few of your own illustrations.
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Transport The Reader

Pair your words with fiction’s largest asset library to create immersive stories. Backgrounds, characters, visual effects, sounds, and icons are easy to add to your story. You know how important your cover image is to book sales. Why stop there?

Emphasize Your Words

We re-imagined a book as if it was invented today, rather than simply ported from 15th Century technology. No longer are you limited to bold and italic. Easily break up walls of text with different fonts and text animations.

Monetize Like a Boss

Instead of selling your book upfront, make money for each chapter read. Generate additional economics by creating director’s cut content they unlock within each episode.

Reading Each Episode

Published story game: Mirror Mirror. An example of immersive, visual, audible, and interactive storytelling.

Unlocking Side Content

Game scene of beautiful women kissing at sunset. Premium choices unlock unique story paths.

Turn Readers Into Players

Tales features games, books, and everything in between. Tales is the location for all great fiction so create in the style that’s comfortable for you; linear or branching storytelling. All of your fans can find your work in one app.

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