Publish using Tales visual novel format: Prose with backgrounds and sound fx to set the mood. On a mobile phone.



Books are better with backgrounds, sound effects, and monetization. You'll be able to emphasize words, embed images, and add other visual flourishes.
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Publish using Tales screenplay format: Character portraits delivering dialogue lines on rich backgrounds. On a mobile phone.



Who wants to read a stack of plain text screenplays? Make your screenplay stand out with character portraits, backgrounds, and visual effects.
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Publish using Tales comic book format: Illustrations mixed with visual and sound fx. On a mobile phone.



Create your own comic book without having to illustrate every frame. Leverage our asset library to bring your comics to life. Add in as many or as few of your own illustrations.
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Unleash the power of your novel like never before with breathtaking visuals and a beguiling soundtrack.

  • Got a novel finished already? Conversion has never been easier! Plug & play!
  • Offer premium content like deleted scenes to engage your audience in a new way
  • Add in branching storylines and choices – or deliver a linear experience unlike any other

Plain Text Book

Book Format. Traditional books use plain text prose.


Why wait to see your creation the way you’ve always dreamed? Build an audience and bring your screenplay to Tales and watch it unfold before your eyes – just how you’ve imagined.

  • Choose from our library of thousands of sets and characters to bring your vision to life.
  • Add in music scores, stingers, and sound effects just like you’d get on the big screen.
  • Stand out from the crowd with a screenplay pitch that’s already jumping off the page and ready to be adapted into the next big hit

Plain Text Screenplay

Screenplay format. Traditional screenplays use plain text dialogue.


Like a comic book – but animated and without the need to illustrate every frame! Whether you’re a graphic artist or someone who just loves games, bring your narrative to life with our asset library or your own custom art assets.

  • Add stunning FX to create a completely immersive experience.
  • Insert illustrated images into the story at any point you’d like.
  • Give readers the power to shape the story with choices at every turn.
  • Craft exciting mini-games for readers to conquer – or struggle with.

Traditional Comic

Comic format. Traditional comics use illustrated images.



We think it’s inspiring what happens when we give talented writers from TellTale, BioWare, Episode, Choices, Netflix, and Marvel access to our our vast art library, storytelling tools, and publishing contracts.  We’ve built tools that enable a single writer to create what used to take an entire game team, which means each of the story games on our platform was created and owned by an individual author, not a giant corporation.  Who knows, maybe you’ll be inspired to make your own story game! Join our Discord Community to get early access to new stories!


When you play stories on the Tales platform, you’ll notice how diverse the characters and plotlines are, especially when compared to titles from other studiosStories fill a critical role, especially in a world that can certainly use more empathy and inspiration.

We’re proud that the story games on our platform are inclusive, diverse, and feature voices from all walks of life. We do this by allowing authors to create and publish their stories directly, bypassing traditional gatekeepers and market research departments. You decide with your ratings and views which stories and authors should be successful. You decide what types of stories the world needs more of and who gets to tell those stories.

Survey of the lead characters on the Tales platform (January 2021): 55% female, 48% People of Color, 30% LGBT+

If you want to learn about a culture, listen to the stories. If you want to change a culture, change the stories.

Michael Margolis